Constitutiones Jacobi II

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Spain 2528

     In observance of Stamp Day 1987 Spain issued a single stamp featuring an illuminated codex from Constitutiones Jacobi II Regis Majoricum, 14th century. James II, King of Mallorca (1243-1318), inherited from his father, James II of Aragón a vast realm including three of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera. His father had overthrown the Moorish rulers of the Islands in 1229, and secured it for Christians. The Moslems left and Christians and Jews settled on Mallorca. King James II of Mallorca ascended the throne in 1276 and ruled until 1311. He died in 1318.
     The Constitutiones, a record of the regulations governing the benefits and privileges accorded the people of his realm, is preserved in the Royal Albert Library in Brussels.

SCN 2528