Cap d'Ail ~ 1908-2008

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     Monaco issued this stamp to commemorate the centennial of the founding of the city of Cap d'Ail. It features the coat of arms of Cap d'Ail, and a map of the area of Monaco where the city is located.

     The arms show the color blue, representing the sea, and a Saracen tower surrounded by three golden bees. The name Cap d'Ail comes from Cap d'Aglio (cape of the bees) hence the bees in the coat of arms of the commune. The motto at the bottom, Filles De La Lumiére Arbeilles, a line from Victor Hugo's poem Le Manteau impérial, (Daughters of the light (Honey)bees).

     On the upper right corner of the map there is a dark black line representing the border between Monaco and France. The dotted line from the coast on the lower left corner of the map to that border and the coast define the boundaries of Cap d'Ail.

SCN 2497