Armillary Sphere

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United States 3520, 3770 

     The stamp shows a view of an armillary sphere carried by Atlas on his shoulders. The figure was sculpted by Lee Oscar Lawrie and cast in bronze by Lawrie and Rene Chambellan in 1936. It is the Rockefeller Center, New York City.

SCN 3520

Portugal 660

     The design on the four stamp set issued by Portugal in 1945 features an armillary sphere or spherical astrolabe with the dates 1845-1945 to commemorate Academia Real dos Guardas Marinhas which was established by Prince Henry and became the Escola Naval in 1845. Other elements are a compass rose, a trident, torch and a ribbon with the motto Talant de bie~ faire, which means “The desire to do well,” which was Prince Henry’s personal motto. Finally, under the ribbon is the Portuguese coat of arms, a shield with 5 bezants.

SCN 660