La Araucana

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     A stamp issued by Chile in 1938 (Scott 310) has two main features; a map of the southern tip of South America with Chile shaded a light color and Chile's claim in Antarctica, and a scroll with a verse from La Araucana, an epic poem by Alonso de Circilla y Zuñiga, issued in three parts in 1569, 1578, and 1589. The Araucanians, South American Indians, who occupied most of South-Central Chile resisted the Spanish, by 1598 had destroyed most of the Spanish settlements south of the Bío-Bío River

     The Decreton No 1747 de 6-xi-1940 describes Chile's claim in the Antarctic: "From the Chilean Antarctic Territory or all lands, islands, islets, reefs, glaciers (ice=pack) and other known and available lands and the respective territorial seas, within the limits of the cap between 53º and 90º longitude west of Greenwich."


     SCN 310