The Albertini Tablets ~ 493-496 A.D.

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     In 429 A.D. 80,000 Vandals, a Germanic tribe, crossed the Mediterranean from Spain to Africa. a collection of wooden estate records, Vandal documents written in cursive Latin between 493 and 496, were discovered in 1928 in the area of Tbéssa (Algeria) and studied by E. Albertini, from whom they take their name, the Albertini Tablets. They were published in 1952 as Les Tablettes Albertini Chr. Courtois L. Leschi, C.H. Perrat, and C. Saumagne.
     Algeria issued a set of two stamps with pictures of two of the tablets in 2003. The horizontal tablet is a contract between Donatus and Geminius Felix, June 5, 494, for the sale of a slave.

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    The vertical tablet is a computation chart.

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