Aaland Lighthouses

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     The Åland Islands are a Swedish-speaking province of Finland in the Baltic Sea. Åland  issued for stamps commemorating lighthouses in 2008. Two of the stamps are engraved and these stamps have a map showing the location of the lighthouse pictured. The monetary value of the each stamp is €0.75, and is not shown on the stamps. Coordinates at the bottom of the stamps also indicate the location of the lighthouse.
     The Kökarsören lighthouse is a trangular building from 1906, situated in the southern Archipelago Sea. It was demolished in 1983, and replaced by a modern lighthouse. The Bogskär lighthouse was built in 1882 on the southernmost islet of Finland. The lighthouse was badly damaged in a storm in 1889 and was restored. In 1915 it was damaged by a german warship and was rebuilt. Telegraph antennas were added in 1907. A red dot on the map next to the name marks the location of the lighthouse.