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Michael O'Clery

     In 1944 Ireland (Eire) issued two stamps to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of Michael O'Cleary, a Franciscan brother, who was a poet and antiquary before taking orders. O'Cleary (O'Clery) was born in Kilbarran Castle in Donegal.
     Michael (Tadhg) O'Cleary, his cousin Peregrine or Cucogry O'Clery, Fearfasa O'Mulconry and Peregrine O'Duigenan compiled the Annals of the of the Kingdom of Ireland', later known as the Annals of the Four Masters between 1632 and 1636. The manuscript is preserved in Switzerland by the Franciscans.
     The stamps have a picture of O'Cleary at his desk enclosed by the "E" of Eire in the style of illuminated miniatures. The manuscript which he is writing is titled "Annala." The caption in Gaelic in Celtic lettering means, "To the Glory of God and the Honor of Ireland."

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