13th Century Illuminated Manuscripts

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Codex 965

     In 2000 Austria issued a stamp in the Religious Art series, which began in 1999, depicting Codex 965, an illuminated manuscript from the late 13th century. The manuscript page shows Hugo de Folieto, a 12th century monk who lived ca. 1100-ca. 1173. He was a member of the religious community of St. Laurent-au-Bois, and in 1132 he became the founding prior of St. Nicolas-de-Regny, a dependency of St. Laurent. He was elected prior of St. Laurent in 1152. Little more is known about his life.

SCN 1830

     Hugo de Folieto is shown dressed as a monk from the High Middle Ages with a tonsure and a hood cloak. He is bending over a desk on which is a page. He is holding a knife for erasing in his left hand, and a quill pen in his right hand. His feet rest on what seems to be a sort of warming pan.
    The Codex 965 contains 135 pages with several theological texts, and fleurons, flower-shaped ornaments. It is preserved in the Austrian National Library.

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